Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes Tremor DJs Unique From All Of The Other DJ Companies?

We cater our entertainment to your event's needs. All of our DJs will play music selected by you for the event.

After I receive My Quote What Is The Next Step?

A representative from Tremor Entertainment will reach out to you with more details. 

How Much Is The Deposit?

The Deposit is 20% of your Quote. 

When Should I Book My DJ?

You Should Book Your DJ as soon as you book the venue for your event. Most of our DJs are booked anywhere from six months to a year in advance. If you wait too long, you may be forced to use another company 

How Do I Obtain The Pictures Taken in The Photo Booth?

We Electronically Send Each Picture Back To You After Event In Addition To A 2x6 Printout.

Who Do I Make My Check Payable To?

Please Make Checks Payable to Tremor Entertainment.

How Long Do I Have To Pay My Balance?

The Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event.

Can I choose the color of the lighting in the room?

Yes Our Lighting has multiple functions which allows you to choose the color and special effect for your event.